Mountain Mama

Britt McGillivray moved to Montana 12 years ago to work in Glacier National Park. Fresh out of college, she was planning on returning to her hometown to find a “real job.” Before she made her way back to Memphis, she met the man she would eventually marry. Needless to say, she fell deeply in love with him and the kindness of the people she met in Big Sky Country. While it might seem like Britt simply endedup in Bigfork – she’s always had the distinct feeling it’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.

Britt has worked for a number of entrepreneurs around town. It’s because of these opportunities that she’s met an incredible group of local businesswomen, like Laura Meissenburg, Marissa Keenan and Lisa Cloutier, all of who have mentored and inspired her along the way.

In 2008, Britt began a business of her own. Now she’s the one inspiring other creators, designers and entrepreneurs.

Originally, Britt’s business was a hobby.
Back then, she called it Cabin Fever Creations. Then she transitioned the line into Poisonberry Jewelry. When she added apparel to her product offerings, she changed the name to Made of Mountains, the unique and recognizable
brand it is today.

Now, Made of Mountains is so much more than a job (or hobby) for Britt. She never stops thinking about ways to nurture and grow this creative outlet she loves so fiercely.

It’s obvious Britt is inspired by her surroundings, her friends and her family. She loves that Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Flathead Lake are all right in her own backyard. She also loves being outdoors with her husband and daughter(her greatest joy), Mary Liv.

Naturally, Britt’s daughter inspires a lot of her de- signs. So, we asked Britt what being a Mountain Mama meant to her.

Britt told us, “You don’t have to be a mother to be a Mountain Mama. A Mountain Mama is any woman that’s kind, loving and welcoming. Her door is always open. She’s got a warm cup of coffee, or something stronger, if that’s what you need. A Mountain Mama loves the

mountains and the fresh air and she’s inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her.”

We couldn’t be more pleased that Britt and her thriving business call Bigfork home.

Learn more about Britt and shop for Made of Mountains handcrafted accessories and apparel online at

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