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We sat down with Flathead Lake Brewing Company’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Petersen, and Ale Ambassador, Crystal Wendt and had a candid conversation about their favorite things about working at the pub house…and their favorite libations around town.

Tell us about your favorite beer at Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Sarah: I love the Bluff Charge Oatmeal Pale Ale. The rolled oats used in this beer give it a really smooth finish. And it’s an award winner! Bluff Charge won a silver medal at the 2017 Beer & Gear festival, in the pale ale category.

Crystal: I have more than one favorite. There’s no way I could narrow it down to just one. How about two? The Moonlight Paddle Kettle Sour and the Rising Sun Espresso Porter are at the top of my list.

If you HAD to have a favorite beer from another Montana brewery, what would it be?

Sarah: The Pineapple Express Tropical IPA by Draught Works! This is a GREAT place to visit if  you’ve never checked it out before (or even if you have). I’m a big fan of Draught Works’ beer.

Learn more at draughtworksbrewery.com.

Crystal: The Stumptown Scotch Ale by Smelter City Brewing. This beer has my heart! It’s the best scotch ale I have ever tasted. It’s smoky, smoother than your boyfriend and chocolatey – like James Brown.

There’s a lot of very subtle layers in this brew.

Check them out on their Facebook page.

Tell us something you love about working for Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Sarah: My absolute favorite thing about working here are the friends I’ve made. The brewery is truly immersed in the Bigfork community. I’ve been introduced to so many people and so many opportunities because of the Flathead Lake Brewing Company family.

Crystal: For starters, we have a superior patio view! It’s a truly family-friendly atmosphere.

And, I love the consistency and quality of everything we have to offer here.

Sarah & Crystal: We also love Flathead Lake Brewing Company’s focus on sustainability!

Sarah: We were honored to receive the Montana Sustainabrew Award earlier this year. The award is a true testament to our efforts in conservation and sustainability!

If you and a group of friends were planning a trolley trip around the valley to visit some of your favorite breweries and distilleries, where would you stop and what would you drink?

Crystal: You HAVE to order a cocktail made with the Pink Peppercorn and Pear Gin at Whistling Andy Distillery.

*This gin was named to Wine Enthusiast’s top 100 spirits of 2017.

Whistling Andy Distillery

Bigfork, MT

Sarah: Bias Brewing has an incredible space! It’s definitely worth visiting.

Bias Brewing

Kalispell, MT

Sarah: Bonsai Brewing has a cool atmosphere and they’re awesome people. I like that they’re a small batch brewery and they can experiment with a lot of different beers. So, it’s hard to say what my favorite beer is here. They do a lot of funky things and come out with new stuff all the time. For instance, their Miss Thang is a blond ale brewed with ginger habanero. Or, their Bouquet IPA is brewed with jasmine, lavender and rose hips.

Bonsai Brewing Project

Whitefish, MT

Crystal: Montana Tap House has such a great focus on local beer that you are bound to find a new local favorite.

Something else to love about Montana Tap House is their post-powder day menu!

Montana Tap House

Whitefish, MT

Crystal: Spotted Bear makes their own tonic water – which is fantastic. Gin and tonic enthusiasts will LOVE it.

Spotted Bear Spirits

Whitefish, MT

Sarah: I like to stop by Backslope Brewing on my way home from Glacier, grab a
bite to eat and check out their seasonal rotators. Their Bistro Burger is amazing. And everyone loves their Garlic Parmesan Fries!

Backslope Brewing

Columbia Falls, MT

Sarah: Josephine’s is easily one of my favorite new spots to
eat and drink. I hate to sound biased…but our Centennial IPA is my favorite beer there! We’re really excited they’re going to carry it all summer long.

Josephine’s Bar & Kitchen

Coram, MT

Make the most of your trip to Josephine’sby stopping by Glacier Distilling before or after

you eat. Learn all about one of Montana’s best craft distilleries and this spirited crew at glacierdistilling.com.

Visit Flathead Lake Brewing Company’s website for more details about the brewery and their beers on their website.

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